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Shaun - April 2022
"My wife and I had a great experience selling our home with Shiv and his team. To be honest I was skeptical to begin with as I've had some less than enjoyable experiences with many realtors in the past. Shiv put together a very compelling package of what he and his team could offer, more so than other realtors we met with. Right off the bat it was clear he had strong people skills combined with deep experience in the market. Shiv was very professional throughout the process, and while obviously very busy as he works hard for his craft he always returned my calls in a timely manner and resolved any concerns quickly and efficiently. My wife and I knew our house could use a few upgrades if we wanted to compete for top dollar for our home, and Shiv and his team were able to provide recommendations of what we should do without trying to oversell us on what we need done. Renovation costs were kept to a minimum, they were done quick, and we were able to get top dollar for our house. If you care most about results then these two points are where Shiv shines above other realtors if you ask me. Shiv could recommend a contractor for any job we wanted done, and the contractors gave good prices and were willing to work with whatever schedule we needed to get the job done fast and put the house on the market. Trying to schedule a contractor on your own right now can take weeks to months to get things done, but working with Shiv we had various jobs done (painting, repairs, hardwood, kitchen upgrades) all under two weeks. I was also studying the market closely for the past few months at comparable home sales and had a low/high range of what to expect for our house. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to find that at the end of the whole process Shiv managed to get us top dollar for the house, hitting the top of the high range I had set for our house. I would recommend Shiv to anyone, I'm confident you won't be disappointed."
Nikki and Biniam - April 2022
"I would strongly recommend Shiv Bansal and his Team for any of your real estate needs. I rarely post reviews but Shiv & his entire Team have truly impressed us. If you live in Durham you have seen Shiv’s face at a nearby listing. That’s what originally caught our attention (the amount of people choosing Shiv to represent them) and when we decided we were ready to sell last year we called him. When we met with him we had many other agents in mind that we were planning to interview and lots of friends and family who are also in the industry and were expecting our business but Shiv won us over. Once our house was listed he was quick to answer questions, professional, knowledgeable, accessible and sold our house 200k+ above asking price in less than a week. Most experienced agents who have big volume will have junior people handle their transactions but not Shiv. He’s readily available & today one year post selling our home Shiv is still here for us, answering questions with honesty. If you want an agent who knows what he’s doing and will truly build a relationship with you and have your back look no further."
Brandon & Emily March - March 2022
"Super happy once again with the Bansal team! Our family has been using the Bansal team for the past 25 years. Shiv sold my in laws house during a recession when no one else could. Two years ago, he sold our home for 50k more than our neighbours house sold for. This year he sold our home for 100k over market value! If you want someone to get the job done, this is the team to do it. Thank you for all your hard work, honesty, and guidance. Couldn’t have done it without you!"
Traci D. - March 2022
"I have nothing but great recommendations for Shiv and his Team in the selling and purchasing of our new home. The professionalism and knowledge that Shiv provides made it a smooth and wonderful process. His team was very helpful and was there every step of the way for us. Thank you again, Shiv and Team."
Krish - March 2022
"We had trusted Shiv to deal with a delicate situation of selling our home with tenants, and he did not disappoint! He and his team had worked with the tenants, property manager and other agents to coordinate and sell our home. Furthermore, he was able to get us more than what we had imagined. Thanks Shiv and team!"
Vanessa - February 2022
"Please let me begin by saying that Shiv is a very genuine person. It's hard to find people like him, who can actually see your point of view. Shiv helped us through every stage of selling our home. He advised on what would increase the value of our home and what would not. He gave us all his contacts for contractors and even those guys were genuine! You can tell that Shiv is respected, as the contractors came out within the next day or 2 to give us estimates on the necessary work (our home was built in the 1980's). The prices for the work (with high quality products) were unheard of! Shiv guaranteed quality work for phenomenal prices, and he delivered. We were amazed at how our home looked after the renovation. Everything was perfect, no corners were cut, and we could feel good about selling the home that we have lived in for over 30 years to another family to enjoy. Shiv made all of that possible. Our home ended up selling on the first day of accepting offers and sold for a record price for the area! We couldn't believe our eyes! Shiv's advice had gotten us more than we could imagine for our family home. We are also able to feel some pride in providing a beautiful home for the next family. We highly, highly recommend Shiv as your Real Estate Agent! He is simply in a league of his own! With the kind of success that Shiv has worked for, you would think that he would be arrogant and just wants your listing. He is the complete opposite - kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, has your interest in mind. Thank you, Shiv. We are forever grateful!"
Yvonne & Audra - February 2022
"We have known Shiv for over 30 years and his integrity is unmatched. He always has great information and good advice. He is a wonderful team who are courteous and experienced. They are quite helpful. My house was sold in December 2021 after four days on the market - over asking!! Thanks Shiv! Great job as usual. I introduced Shiv to my neighbour and he sold his house in record time - again, we’ll over asking! My neighbor was so happy that he said to me that he will be telling everyone not to hesitate, just call Shiv. Thanks Shiv! Job well done."
Washim - January 2022
"I strongly recommend Shiv Bansal as a realtor. I am a lawyer and have many realtor friends, but I made the right decision by hiring him to sell my property in Ajax instead of my friends. Shiv is a professional, experienced and a very hardworking realtor. He worked very closely with me and provided valuable advice to prepare my house for sale. His advice was instrumental and made a significant difference. Shiv was always available when I needed him, and he has a strong support system to take care of your needs. He is very resourceful and has always found a solution for every problem that you may face. Shiv got the top dollar for my house. My house was a unique property, which wasn’t easy to sell. Shiv made significant efforts in putting together a good marketing campaign and attracting the right buyers. He knows what to do, when to do it and how to get the best dollar for your house. I’m very satisfied with his service and I have no hesitation in recommending him for your real estate needs."
Cathilynn - January 2022
"Shiv came to meet with us prepared with all the information we needed to make one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make! He was in touch with us throughout the entire process. Shiv and his team did a remarkable job. We can't say enough about how professional his entire team was, how knowledgeable he is about the market and how much he loves helping people. Shiv made suggestions about how to best get our home ready to place it on the market and listening to Shiv was very worthwhile. Anyone even thinking about selling would do themselves a disservice if they didn't speak to Shiv!"
Just-Ann Engima - January 2022
"Shiv and team will go above and beyond to ensure your expectations are exceeded."
Mohammad - April 2022
"I found Shiv to be a kind, warm, and gracious person, and someone who takes a sincere and genuine interest in his clients. His honesty and integrity, along with his extensive experience and knowledge were also evident immediately. Shiv Bansal & team always had our best interest in mind, so we trusted his advice and guidance. As such, we felt completely comfortable entrusting him not only with the sale of our current home but along with the purchase of a new one too. The sale price he proposed for our Pickering home turned out to be spot on and we managed to sell within a week of listing. The entire process was smooth and trouble-free. Shiv was there for us every step of the way, constantly displaying great patience and dependability when responding to all our questions and needs. Shiv Bansal & his team is a credit to his industry especially in Durham, and we recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to buy and/or sell their home. Shiv, thank you so much for all your help and hard work. We have dealt with a few realtors in the past and were certainly not going back to any of them after our experience with SHIV and his team. We feel blessed to have met you and sincerely consider you a friend"
Cristina - April 2022
"We have worked with Shiv and his great team 3 times! Very recently our house sold for WAY over asking. We worked very hard yes, but we also took Shiv's good advice on MANY things and we couldn't be happier with the results. His team is PATIENT and Shiv keeps you positive when you are full of doubt! He treated us like family and we will always recommend him. He gave us realistic estimates based on the current state of the market and our home. If you are looking for a productive and supportive situation, Shiv and his team have it!"
Andrea and Carlos D. - March 2022
"My husband and I have been preparing to retire early for a few years now and the last step towards achieving our objective was to sell our home. Shiv made our dreams come true! Since the first minute we met Shiv, we immediately trusted he was the right person to get the job done. Shiv is professional, hardworking, and extremely honest. He pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in our property and helped us to identify what would increase the value of our home helping us to get in contact with excellent contractors who completed the job quickly, with excellent price and high quality. With no additional costs Shiv’s team came over and transformed my home with modern and high-quality staging. The surprises have not stopped there! The marketing of the property was out of this world. Pictures, videos, 3D mapping, brochures, YouTube and the list goes on. Shiv does not cut corners and invested in our property as if it was his own. We could see how important it was to him to make us happy and comfortable with each step. His genuine passion for what he does makes a huge difference – our home and our dreams were not just numbers – they truly mattered to him. We got a very good offer, but Shiv said, “Let’s wait until tomorrow as I believe we can have a better offer”. And he was right! On the next day we had four very competitive offers and we ended up selling our home way above what we were expecting."
Jeff & Debbie - March 2022
"Shiv sold the two homes beside us the past few years and got top dollar for both. Shiv is very experienced and has a wonderful support team that works for him. From the staging to the pictures, video and 3D map of the house, everything was very professional, and I am sure helped to market our house and get us top dollar for it. We were very nervous about selling but Shiv was understanding and never pressured us to take the offers that were presented (even though they were amazing). He worked hard for us to get top dollar and we could not be happier."
Andy - March 2022
"My wife and I have been noticing the popularity of Shiv Bansal as a Realtor in Ajax for many years now. When it became time to downsize it did not take much for us to settle on Shiv from amongst a list that included other well-known agents, some of them acquaintances. Shiv was professional to the fingertips. He was a reservoir of real spend on renovations and provided contacts to contractors who responded quickly and professionally. We were simply stunned at the quality of workmanship in such a short time. When we first saw our house after the free staging, we half-jokingly/half seriously wanted to keep it and not sell - could not believe the transformation. Selling one's home of 23 years is a huge decision, but the Shiv Bansal Team carried us safely through the entire process. Our house sold for way over asking in just over a week. We have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Shiv and his team. There is a sincerity about Shiv that says this is more than just a financial transaction, this is my craft."
Oleg & Melisss - February 2022
"Just wanted to share great experience with Shiv Bansal and his team! They helped to sell our house and get top dollars that went beyond our expectations. His body of work speaks for itself really but I wanted to share details.
1. Shiv is a master of highest degree when it comes to all things realtor. He has very deep understanding of the market, marketing strategy, negotiations, customer support.
2. His team is very experienced and allows him to execute developed strategy on extremely high level.
3. Marketing efforts started way before the house went on market officially.
4. The pictures, video and 3D map of the house were done extremely well.
5. His team consists of a very talented writer that writes a story about your house! How cool is that!! That story is used in conjunction with the video to really provide potential buyers the best take in the property.
6. He has a Master’s degree in negotiations that ensures that important aspect is covered with highest degree of professionalism.
7. The staging company Shiv partners with is exceptionally good. They truly transformed our house where I could not recognize it myself and was just in awe!
8. On a personal level Shiv is a great guy. Very quickly he makes you feel at ease with the whole process and very confident in results. It’s not a job to him. He lives and breathes as a realtor. He loves to make people happy weather it is a buyer or seller and works extremely hard to make it happen. He changed people lives for the better and that’s really his life calling!
9. All the above allows Shiv to take guessing game out of the equation of selling property. He ensures that owner gets highest possible price in the current market, 100%!"
Susie P. - January 2022
"Shiv Bansal and his team have been amazing to work with. He absolutely had our best interests at heart and got us the best price for our home in 2 days. He made a 20 year dream a reality and we are forever grateful for him. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a home. Him and his team are amazing professionals."
Jeff & Sharon - January 2022
"The contributions of Shiv and the entire Bansal Team are integral to his organization’s success. His consistent unselfish support exceeded that of merely doing the job well. Shiv is the solid foundation on which his clients will continue to excel and succeed in the purchase or sale of their home. The most enjoyable part of working with Shiv and the Bansal Team was that they were always sincere, genuine, and honest with everyone they encountered. Simply put, they were a joy to work with and made the entire process less stressful. People that have the opportunity to work with Shiv and the Bansal Team gain a quick understanding that they will deliver on their commitments to the client. Regardless of competing expectations, Shiv remained accommodating throughout all types of situations, and did so with a positive attitude. Shiv was always available to us 24/7 and never complained, all the while being humble and stating, “No thanks needed, I’m here for you”. Shiv supported us with the challenges of preparing our home for listing and embraced them with commitment and knowledge. Shiv consistently demonstrated the personal, professional leadership qualities of the Bansal Team which we valued and benefitted from as a client. It is the combined strength of Shiv’s solid character, his strong skill sets and friendly, cooperative demeanor that were the foundation of successfully navigating the preparation and sale of our home."
Regan - January 2022
"Shiv Bansal is a professional and has been doing this for a long time. Everything went smoothly from start to finish in a timely manner: Meeting agent, Staging, Photography, Listing. Sold property in a week! Thank you Shiv."

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